Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dream: 5/16/09: The Fox and the Hound

My uncle and I were traveling along in a pickup truck to his parent's (deceased) house. As we rode along we didn't talk about why or where we were going. (If we said anything I don't recall it.) At a point near some train tracks we saw a group of boys tossing what appeared to be model railroad cars. Some of the cars seemed quite old. I don't remember who, but one of us rushed over and recovered one of the cars. I looked like one of my son's current toy train cars, a green one, I think. We were then arriving at the location we had intended and exited the truck.
As we went inside, I did not recognize it as my uncle's parent's house, but it felt familiar to me. There were two people in the house, an older woman and a man who I felt like was a Native American elder or perhaps even a shaman or medicine man. I don't recall if anyone said anything while we were there. I was suddenly approached by a fox kit and it spoke to me. "You get more benefit out than the effort you put in," is all it said to me. I picked up the fox, or followed it (not certain) and was suddenly in a toy store. There was an open package that was from Disney's "Fox and the Hound" movie of the two lead characters as stuffed toys. The fox was a perfect fit although it didn't seem to necessarily want to go back in the box. I found the hound as well. I worked at getting the two animals back into the box, I believe they complained a bit about the cramped working conditions but didn't resist going back into the box. I carried the box back to the house area (the kitchen I think) and the old woman said, "let's put that down as the goal for the week." I countered in a exasperated tone, "more like the goal for the years."

I awoke.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dream: 1/19/09: Wizard/Warrior fight

Wizard/Warrior Fight:

Me and my girlfriend were rope climbing through people's houses. It was as if each house had a tree in the middle, the ropes would circle the upper branches but we would still be inside. We had been moving from house to house through these inside trees when we came to one of an elderly couple. My girlfriend suddenly was having problems in the tree so I went to try to help her. The climb rope and tether rings were too far for me to reach, so I tried to use the stairway banister. I couldn't reach her so I relaxed and talked her down slowly. The old man had come to look on at us and as my girlfriend was coming down out of the tree, I nudged the old man and said, "She's pregnant." and smiled.

After my girlfriend (let's call her Laura)...After Laura was out of the tree, she walked past me and the old gent and stuck her belly out; she was obviously pregnant. We left the old man's house by the back door and as we left, my black cat "Storm" came running in as if she lived there. Right behind her was a man, that felt 'wrong' to me', and he looked similar to Professor Snape from the Harry Potter movies. He regarded me and Laura but did not speak. I think Laura and I were both practiced wizards/witches as I could feel a second type of energy around me and in me, and this new person felt like a wizard of sorts too.

As we went to the front of the house to get to my car, I noticed that it was missing. About then, three armored men (the armor was kind of overdone and ridiculous to the eye but it was solid stuff) appeared just as a lightning bolt came at me from across the street. I shielded against the bolt and then noticed that attacker had run away. I turned my attention to the three others. Laura, for some reason kept getting in the way of my view and even almost took a hit to the head if I had not warned her several times to get out of the way.

The armored men were very solidly covered and carried a strange flail that seemed to glow...purple and green. I picked up my athame from the ground (I don't know how it got there, but it seemed to appear as desired/needed). I dueled with the three men and ultimately toppled each. On each man there was a small doll that looked similar to the armor. Inside, upon my opening of it, was a small dagger. About then, the man who threw the lightning at me reappeared. He was talked to as someone would to a dear friend that had betrayed them. We began to circle each other preparing to fight it out...

I awoke.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day: 1/11/08

I wonder sometimes if the things in life are entirely by our own design and choices. I consider my life and think of things and choices I have made that led to where I am now. I consider each step and the clearer vision of hindsight. Some choices I remember the 'why' of those choices, and in hindsight, sometimes it was the 'better' way; sometimes it was not. So here I am now, is where I am so 'wrong' or is it just that at the time, now, it seems 'wrong'? Is it not that this time is not 'wrong' only that my view and desires paint it 'wrong'?

Perhaps it is because of my pending birthday that I stop and consider where I am in life and compare that to where I think I should be. Honestly, does any one actually measure up to where they think they should be? In most of my study, the message 'be happy with who you are' is repeated constantly. Pretty much anything dealing with self-improvement, religion, psychology, etc. will echo this phrase. Why then is it seem like that is such a deep, dark secret that few ever learn, much less use on a daily basis?

The society I grew up in flaunts itself and what it has attained as the measure of a person. How you look, how you dress, what you drive, where you live, where you went on vacation last week, everything is measured against some invisible standard that is set only by the observer's desires and understanding of the measure of a person that 'has it all'.

One day I will be happy with myself, where I am, and what I have already attained. I try to do this each day, sometimes I am better at it than others. I won't say it is a goal to be able to do it all the time. After all, not only are we supposed to be happy with ourselves, we should enjoy the journey, not just the destination.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day: 12/31/08

The end of another year. A time of reflection and remembrance of the previous 365 days.

I didn't complete any major projects this past year. I started a number, but as always, they hit a point where my focus was drawn away in another direction.

I did manage to get some of my debts paid down and one paid off. It was a painful process, but it has to be done. We are still working on maintaining some measure of a budget. The coming year will have some challenges in store with the budget, but I believe that we will make it.

I keep thinking that each year will be the one where everything falls into place and my few worries will be removed permanently. It is a hope, but only hard work and dedication will make it happen in any course of time.

Happy New Year to everyone. May your days be blessed and your family safe.

Good Hunting, 2008.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Day: 12/29/08

Okay, so I am trying to get started on my exercises, again. We have had a beginning yoga dvd for a few months now, and have only used it once. With the holidays, everything, including exercise was pushed to the back burner. As a new year resolution (as if anyone really keeps those things) I am going to try to maintain some measure of an exercise routine. I can not keep on the way I am now. By most standards, I am obese. While I do not put much faith in the government standards, as I believe they are set for an agenda or a statistical purpose more than anything, it is still a measure that is more or less definite for the moment. As good a place to start as any.

So I did the 10 minute strength and stretching workout (all the routines on this dvd are 10 minutes long) and I was huffing and puffing during a couple of the poses. While I have pretty fair strength in my legs, they are not used to holding all my weight one leg at a time for an extended period of time. :)

Even if this does not necessarily work, at least I am trying to do something.

Happy holidays and a merry new year!

Day: 12/28/08

I have joined a new social website at:

This site is dedicated to those of the 'outside' belief systems. I'm sure the mainstream religious orders are permitted, but it is primarily home to 'pagans'. Come by and drop a note, I always enjoy new friends.

Ok, so it's not exactly a new joining notice since I've been on the site about a month now. But, now, everyone knows. :)

Dream: unknown date

I have been having dreams on and off again. More off, as usual, than on, but that is normal.

Of the couple of dreams I have had since my last blog post regarding it, nothing is remembered except that I did dream.